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    Below is a small preview of our summer born show steer offering. This preview is just that - a small glipse into the quality and diversity.  We didn’t sort off the top end to picture/video, rather we wanted to showcase the various options and quality we are offering. Although we might seem to be a little behind, our main objective with this group was to have to them acting as good as any we have offered prior to dehorning and marketing them. The barn crew at the the ranch have done an excellent job getting these cattle to that point.  

    There are 40+ May/June born steers ready to move. They are suited best for January-February of 2023 end points. We hope to be adding more pictures and videos as time and stock show season allows.

    Please reach out with any questions about these age advantage prospects. And remember, if summers aren’t what you are hunting we have our top 70 head of fall borns sorted, they're easy to look at on the cow.

    As always cattle for sale private treaty, first come first serve at the ranch.

    Eric Drager: 806-683-6302

  • Tag 1331

    Front & Center x 7146 (Made To Order)

    DOB: May 21st 

    Texas Breed Suggestions: Maine, Simi, AOC, Black Cross

  • Tag 1338

    Redneck x 298 (Tiger Woods)

    DOB: May 24th 

    Texas Breed Suggestions: Shorthorn 


  • Tag 1343

    Feeling The Love (Lovin 620 x 000) x 8112 (Red Answer x Red 111)

    DOB: May 27th

    Texas Breed suggestions: Red Cross, Simmental


  • Tag 1299

    JASR Titan x 9120 (Maternal Made)

    DOB: May 12th  

    Texas Breed Suggestions: Angus


  • Tag 1321

    59C2 (Brangus) x 9141 (Southern Swag)

    DOB: May 19th

    Texas Breed Suggestion: Brangus  

  • Tag 1282

    Here I Am x 320 (Hoo Doo)

    DOB: May 4th 

    Texas Breed Suggestions: AOC, Charolais